Leaders, Advocating, Mentoring, Personal Growth & Support

The LAMPS (Leaders, Advocating, Mentoring, Personal growth & Support) Project educates people living with HIV to mentor, train and support one other peer to increase Greater Involvement of People with HIV in service delivery, planning, funding and evaluation of HIV services. Primary goal is to equip people living with HIV with leadership skills to abate internal/external stigma, social isolation within a supportive, safe environment to encourage and motivate meaningful involvement and work in partnership with U=U (Undectable +Untransmissible) movement; Ending the HIV Epidemic and decision making processes of HIV services in North Carolina. Secondary goal is to continue supporting the creation of a peer mentorship database tasked with local and state advocacy to influence policies that improve quality of care and prevention efforts in North Carolina.

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Training - 8 Hours
LAMPS is an 8-hour training; 4 sessions (2-hours each)
  • Ryan White and Quality Improvement

    Many social justice demonstrations and advocates started the creation of the nationally recognized Ryan White HIV Program. Learn how advocacy and knowing when and how to change processes are still needed to ensure quality of care is provided to people living with HIV.
    by Jennifer DeMarco
    2 Lessons
  • Self-discovery, Self-care and Advocacy

    In this training, learn how self-discovery and self-care promotes advocacy. In the midst of our current climate, learn tools needed to continue advocacy efforts that impact people living with HIV.
    by circleoffriendstf
    1 Lesson
  • Stigma and Human Civil Rights.

    Human civil rights violations continue to fuel systems of oppression for people living with HIV. In this training, learn how to identify internal and external stigmas so that you may learn ways to advance the civil rights of people living with HIV in current times.
    by circleoffriendstf
    2 Lessons
  • Cultural Humility

    Learning about different cultures, ideas, and beliefs are important. Ensuring that we support those differences within our community takes intentional and continuous practice of acceptance for one another to encourage full participation from all people living with HIV.
    by circleoffriendstf
    2 Lessons
Certificates and Gift Cards available upon completion of all four trainings.

For more information please contact Esther Ross 252-286-3613 or email: [email protected].

Additional Training Available

GLOW (Growing Leaders Opportunities Women)

Program educates Cisgender/Transgender Women about Sexual Health & Sexual Wellness to prevent HIV transmission. Program goal provide women living in counties with high HIV/STD transmission rates, education on sexual health and sexual wellness and build leadership teams of Women to educate other Women.

This is a 6-hour training; 3 sessions (2 hours each)

Pre-registration required to receive information to attend the training.