Life Skills Support Workshop

Organized nine years ago, we are a support group that meets monthly to manage and learn to live safely with infectious disease in our lives. Very often we have guest speakers from different pharmaceutical companies to offer insight on new drugs and how they relate to day to day living. We also have doctors in attendance to offer updates to particular research programs and correct any information obtained from the media so that our shared learning experience is informative as well as up to date. There are discussions on nutrition, living healthier lives, personal experiences with side-effects and how it affects our lives, stigma in the community and how to rise above it and many other lively discussions. Being informed is the greatest satisfaction.

We would like you to join us for a friendly, often lively and always informative, community discussion.

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, we are not meeting at the 2390 Hemby address. If you would like to attend virtual meeting, please contact the group leaders listed in the Workshop description. We do ask that, if you attend, you must respect the privacy of members of the group and maintain confidentiality concerning anything you hear.

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  • Learn tools to achieve and retain positive health outcomes living with chronic medical/health conditions or complications therein.
  • Topics tailored to increase awareness surrounding health issues.
  • Workshops open to anyone living with chronic health/medical conditions, civic or community based organizations.
  • Workshops are on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays (monthly), 12:00PM-2:00PM. Workshops will be conducted via Zoom ID: 423 765 566 Password: 6544 or call in 646-558-8656​
  • For More Information about the meetings, purpose, or rules, contact: Esther Hines (252) 286-3613

Meetings & Alerts

COVID-19 and HIV

The CDC has created a page on their site that explains how COVID-19 and HIV can be a fatal combination. Visit the page to see more about adjusting daily life and social interactions so you will be prepared when leaving your home.

About the Webpage

​It is our intention to present as much of the monthly Workshops experience to this site as possible. In addition, there will be consolidated news articles within and links to sources outside of the website. This will include handouts and magazines that are available to read in the clinic waiting room at 2390 Hemby Lane. If you are not familiar with these magazines and news sites, feel free to browse the links provided and read more. We will provide a complete list of all magazines used to compile the data in this website to be found in social media.

Much of the news comes to us from Twitter, Poz Magazine, HIV Magazine, HepC Magazine plus other health related print media. We will be reporting and linking to the scientific community such as the CDC, HIV.GOV, Johns Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic, and many other credible sources which will always be credited with the publication and/or the designated author. This includes new research into HIV related complications both nationally and abroad, and we will be providing links to these sites for your convenience. News briefs come to us from HIV support organizations as well as active political advocacy groups in the nation. Politics and HIV related complications have been prevalent in the news lately; however, we will only connect to political news,updates and links as it relates to correct and validated information on HIV, HPV and Hepatitis C.

We will be updating FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) from time to time as new information develops, or if new questions are suggested. News articles will be rotated or removed occasionally as new events or updates occur. Very relevant news will be preserved and installed on an accessible archive link at the end of each of the above headings.

It is our goal to bring you the most recent and most correct health information possible. The foundations, research organizations, information magazines and Department of Health and Human Services publications will be linked to and/or credited for source material. If there is any question as to the accuracy of any information, please contact Esther Hines at [email protected].

If technical problems should occur with page display, links to articles or other webpages, please contact Esther Hines at [email protected]>. Please clearly describe the problem and on which header/page it was found. Thanks.​

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